Bomb Blast Surgical Cut-Suit Workshop

bomb blast

Under Pressure: Reflections on VASA’s Past Bomb Blast Surgical Mock-Drill

Sharpened skills, saved lives in a hyper-realistic bomb blast scenario at VASA.

VASA’s Bomb Blast Surgical Simulation threw the healthcare professionals into the heart of a high-pressure scenario. 

Training alongside the fellow medical professionals in a state-of-the-art simulated environment, teh participants faced:

  • Realistic injuries: Advanced mannequins and immersive technology mimiced the devastating effects of a bomb blast.
  • Triage and prioritization: Honed decision-making skills in a chaotic environment, prioritizing critical patients for immediate surgery.
  • Resource management: Worked with limited resources, testing the teamwork and adaptability under extreme pressure.
  • Surgical skills: Performed life-saving procedures in a simulated operating room, perfecting their technique in a controlled environment.

This was more than just training; it was a chance to:

  • Confidence Booster: Participants emerged from the simulation prepared for any disaster scenario.
  • Improved communication and teamwork: Strengthened their collaboration skills in a high-stakes situation.
  • Refined surgical techniques: Practiced critical procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

Missed the event? 

Don’t worry. Stay tuned for upcoming simulations or bring your medical simulation workshop or conference to VASA’s world-class facilities. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs and be well-prepared for emergencies.

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