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The most exciting HPSN India 2023, an International Simulation Conference, a first-of-its-kind Multifaceted, Inter-Disciplinary, High-Fidelity Simulation Workshop in India, was organized by Vydehi Simulation Academy in collaboration with CAE Healthcare at Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Center Campus, Bengaluru.

Every healthcare provider needs a little push to act effectively in situations of trauma and accidents. Real-time experiences make a healthcare provider an expert. Hence, VASA provides such experiences through mock drills and advanced simulation mannequins. Experts from across the world provide simulation-based medical training. We believe there is no space for errors if it’s about treating mankind. This HPSN India 2023 trained the participants concerning the enactment of medical assistance at the trauma site of an air crash.

Students at VASA were put through an extensive workshop that simulated a bomb blast scenario and how India’s only surgical cutsuit was able to mimic the real-life feel of an unforeseen emergency.

VASA’s journey starts in the year 2022.
It highlights the total number of workshops conducted and the number of participants participating and presenting the mock trauma drills in public.
Many national and international faculty members grace their presence in the workshops to provide quality training on different health treatments.
VASA has achieved many milestones and many more to come…

Assessment and management of a polytrauma patient in Platinum10 minutes with excellent teamwork in the Emergency department will increase the chances of survival..Doctors and nurses can improve their skills in trauma patient handling by regularly practicing in a controlled simulation environment.

Ventilating a patient with a Bag valve mask along with appropriate airway management is the most important step in saving patients life with respiratory compromise. Always practice the basic steps.

Practicing hand eye coordination along with practicing microscopic surgical skills gives confidence in approaching a patient with neurosurgical emergencies.

Anesthesiologist and Surgeons can practice on advanced anesthesia and surgical scenarios to enable them to handle critical cases and complications in best possible way.

Simulation based education allows faculties to conduct debriefing sessions based on the scenarios conducted helping better learning. Replay, Review, Reflect.

Apart from clinical diagnosis, various diagnostic tools like ultrasound, 2 d echo allows doctors to assess patients on various clinical scenarios and use VR and 4 D images to understand pathologies early.

Continuity of care from site of incident or home to healthcare facility is important for survival of patients. Good prehospital care always improves the chances of survival. Ambulance simulator helps to conduct critical scenarios in trauma or medical emergencies.


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