Hemodynamic Assessment by Echocardiography

Presenting Future of Medical Education & Training

Overcoming the limitation of conventional echo books, keeping in mind that the main distinguishing factor of echocardiography is its ability to show the heart and blood flow in motion. Here is an innovative learning platform using the High Fidelity Ultrasound Simulator to enhance the decision-making skills of clinical practitioners in Echocardiography.
This simulation workshop aims to focus on various case-based discussions with comprehensive learning. Aiming to provide a cognitive approach towards diagnostic, clinical decision-making, and management skills in caring for cardiac patients using cardiac imaging and seamless integration of advanced imaging modalities, there will be exotic cases and various exciting sessions. We welcome you all to be a part of yet another exhilarating simulation workshop in Echocardiography

Workshop: 17th & 18th September 2022
Eligible candidates: VIMS faculty
Duration: One day
Dr. Manish Jain
Consultant Cardiologist
Simulation Instructor