You too can save a life.

It could be a stranger who hit a pothole on the road and got thrown off the bike. Unconscious. Bleeding. And, at your mercy, because you are close at hand. 


So, what do you do?


In healthcare, when there is a crisis, emergency response is critical. This is especially true in cases of trauma related emergencies. The care given during the critical window for treatment can determine whether or not the patient will survive the trauma. 


From the point of injury to treatment received enroute to and at a medical facility, every step of the patient’s journey is critical to their well-being.


In such circumstances, it is vital that first responders and emergency medical professionals be trained adequately to deal with the demands of these crisis situations. 


Vydehi Advanced Simulation Academy (VASA) brings you a first-of-its-kind training module available to all – from common folk and corporates, to medical and paramedical personnel. VASA aims at enabling these first responders to provide emergency medical assistance when faced with an emergency. Equipped with leading-edge medical simulation technologies and tools, VASA opens the doors to game-changing medical training.


These simulations seek to recreate real-life emergency situations in which critical care is required, be it an accident site, or a sudden medical emergency at home or the workplace. The training gives learners the opportunity to respond the way they would, in a medical crisis. 


Simulation of a medical emergency within a safe educational setting, encourages the advancement of medical science, allowing it to be accessible to everyone who is seeking to learn and thereby saving lives every day. 


Including you.

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