Obstetric Examination & Management Of Obstetric Emergencies Workshop

Enhance Your Obstetric Skills with Vydehi Advanced Simulation Academy

Unlock the expertise needed to manage obstetric emergencies effectively. Vydehi Advanced Simulation Academy (VASA) invites healthcare providers to participate in an intensive workshop focused on Obstetric Examination and the Management of Obstetric Emergencies. This workshop is designed for healthcare professionals dealing with critical cases such as Eclampsia/Pre-eclampsia & Postpartum hemorrhage. It emphasizes the importance of timely and appropriate management to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the child.

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Email Id: vasa@vimsmail.com

Front Office Timing: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Workshop Details


Duration: 2 days


Eligible Participants: MBBS, AYUSH, Allied, Nursing, Dental, PGs, etc.


Venue: VASA, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Nallurhalli, Bangalore


Fees: ₹12000/- + GST 18%
Limited Seats Available
Lunch and Tea will be provided to the participants

Why Join This Workshop?

  • Antenatal Examination Training with High Fidelity Physiological Patient Simulator
  • Simulated Obstetric Emergency Scenarios for hands-on experience
  • Case-based learning on Labor Care Guide & Crisis Resource Management (CRM)
  • Practical sessions on breech presentation, CTG interpretation, and more
  • Team-building exercises for effective collaboration


  • Comprehensive Ultrasound Education:Our workshop is designed to provide an all-encompassing ultrasound education, covering various specialties on a single, user-friendly platform.
  • High-Fidelity Simulator:Experience hands-on training with a high-fidelity simulator that replicates real-world scenarios for cardiac, lung, abdominal, and OB-GYN ultrasound.
  • Innovative Learning Tools:Accelerate your skill development through our innovative software and manikin-based system, ensuring a holistic and effective learning experience.
  • Immersive Training with Microsoft HoloLens 2:Immerse yourself in the world of ultrasound education with the latest technology. Microsoft HoloLens 2 brings anatomy and structures to life, fostering accelerated learning and retention. 

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Obstetric Examination & Management Of Obstetric Emergencies Workshop

Timelines of the Workshop

Day 1: 

  • 09:00 AM to 09:30 AM: Pre-test
  • 9:30 am-10:45 am: Presentation on Antenatal Examination, PV & SBAR
  • 11:00 am-12:30 noon: Simulation Skill Demonstration & Practice Session
  • 12:30 noon-1:15 pm: Case-Based: Labor Care Guide & Crisis Resource Management (CRM)
  • 1:45 pm-2:45 pm: Simulated Clinical Scenario 1
  • 2:45 pm-3:00 pm: Overview of Breech Presentation
  • 3:00 pm-4:00 pm: Simulated Clinical Scenario 2
  • 4:00 pm-5:00 pm: Simulation Skills Practice Stations

Day 2: 

  • 9:00 am-10:00 am: Presentation on CTG
  • 10:00 am-11:00 am: Outline Presentation of Shoulder Dystocia & Eclampsia
  • 11:15 am-12:00 noon: Simulated Clinical Scenario Case 3
  • 12:00 noon-12:45 pm: Simulated Clinical Scenario Case 4
  • 2:00 pm-4:00 pm: Simulated Clinical Scenario Case 5
  • 4:00 pm-4:30 pm: Post-test & Feedback

By the end of this course, residents and obstetricians will gain confidence in examining obstetric patients and managing emergencies effectively.

Secure your spot for a future of enhanced obstetric proficiency!

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